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Often players are asking, is it possible to consistently win at slots?

 Unfortunately I must say that there is no strategy allows to consistently win. If you offer to buy some secret ways, or the winning strategy (the so-called secrets of slot machines) - you buy them you can, but to win on them constantly unlikely. By making any bet in slot machine on average a certain percentage you donated to the casino. But this is an average - and the average may be deviations in one or the other way. It is understood that if you win the machine that actually pays your winnings is not a casino, while others are losing players. But still I have collected here are some tips to help you win the machine frequently.

Tips and strategies for winning games in slots

 Do not play too small slot machines - too small to play rates are unlikely to be successful. For example putting on 1 cent per line maximum gain is $ 100. But such gains in the 10000 rates are extremely rare. Of course playing on the small bet is you'll be a long time, but there shall enter into force on mathematics - the more you make rates so potentially more to lose. But to put all your money on one spin - the same is not optimal. Although the potential might win but will be the maximum element of chance is too great. In my opinion best to put all the same amount no greater than 1 / 20 from the one you're willing to invest in the game machines.

The strategy play slots of gradually increasing rates - perhaps the only applicable when playing slots is based on the assumption that sooner or later falls well-paid line, or bonus game. For example consider that the average yield for a bonus or a line in the machine is 300 bets. We play on stavke1 $. If before you played spin the bonus fell greater than or equal to 300 - you win and you can pick up the win. If you lose 300 bets - you need to raise rates to 2 - then the expected gain is already 600 bids. Having lost 600 betting stake should be increased to 4, etc. The calculation is that in the case of loss of a good line or a bonus to cover previous losses. The problem with this system, which required a substantial supply of money and in case of loss of the "black band" - a long bad luck money may not be enough.

Strategy games for the slot jackpot - If the jackpot on slot big winners sometimes the percentage return the machine can exceed much more than 100% and play in a slot becomes mathematically advantageous. However, I still do not recommend using this strategy because it can cost a lot of money. The increase in rates with good game - if the slot machine begins to "make good" needs to increase rates. Algorithms for random number generation (RNG) of course the producers were not disclosed. However, there is information that in some cases to attract players administration can establish higher payout percentage. If you play at this point in the casino, it is a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity. Limit the total time of the game - if a long time slots do not give good gains to stop the game and try better next time.

Psychology and win in Online Casinos

 A number of councils is more psychological and character. However, psychology and stability is very important for the player.

 Before the game pre-determine the amount you are willing to spend on the game in the casino and the amount of winning if you stop the game and remove the win. Think of the money made by the casino easily. Think of all, as if they are you are not already.

Worries about losing badly formed on a position player, a person begins a fling with money, or conversely to play too shallow. And in either case, the chances of winning are reduced.

 Do not play for money borrowed.

 Do not try to solve their financial problems in the game machines. Money is like to own a light attitude. If you're thinking of debt, shaking every penny - always lose. If you win big at the casino immediately stop the game and be sure to make a long break and not play at least two weeks. Spend money on yourself and family. Do not be too greedy. Many of the major losses occur just after a big win.

Try some risks. Counting on luck can bring a good win. At least sometimes try to play at least one spin at the maximum rate or double several times.